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Nick Jr. Dora The Explorer Soundtrack Various Artists

Nick Jr. Dora The Explorer Soundtrack (CD)

Artist: Various Artists
Item Id: bmq64435
UPC: 828766443523
Manufacturer: BMG/Nick Records

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A companion album to the hit Nick, Jr. animated TV show of the same, DORA THE EXPLORER follows the antics of the lovable title character and her friends as they embark on fun-filled adventures and sing lively songs. Not only endearing but educational, the record features Dora and her companions performing in both English and Spanish, as on "Reach Up & Catch the Stars!" where they sing "Stars! Estrellas!" or "Una Dia Especial," where they celebrate "a special day." The energetic tunes here are rarely much longer than one minute, making the album perfect for small children with easily diverted attention spans. For young fans of the television program, this disc is a must-have!

Track Listing

  1. Dora the Explorer Theme
  2. Backpack, Backpack!
  3. I'm the Map!
  4. Travel Song Medley
  5. Let's All Move Like the Animals Do
  6. I Love My Boots
  7. Reach Up & Catch the Stars!
  8. Fairytale Land
  9. Popping Bubbles
  10. When You Grow Up, What Will You Be?
  11. I'm the Grumpy Old Troll
  12. Tenemos Amigos
  13. Super Spies!
  14. Hurry! Hurry!
  15. Magic Music Box
  16. City of Lost Toys, The
  17. Feliz Cupleanos
  18. Boots' Special Day
  19. Dia Especial, Un
  20. Bate Bate Chocolate
  21. Do the Robot Walk
  22. Chicken Dance, The
  23. Super Silly Fiesta
  24. Itsy Bitsy Spider, The
  25. Fix-It Machine, The
  26. Boots the Monkey!
  27. Mary Had a Little Lamb
  28. Super Map!
  29. Goin' on a Berry Hunt
  30. Bouncy Ball
  31. Happy Song, The
  32. Run, Dora, Run!
  33. A Musician I Am
  34. ABC (The Alphabet Song)
  35. Baby Dino
  36. Squeaky, I Love You
  37. Swiper, No Swiping!
  38. I'm Really Gonna Hit the Ball
  39. Baseball Baseball, Fun in the Sun
  40. We Did It!
  41. Coqui, El
  42. Lechuza, La
  43. Buenas Noches
  44. Twinkle Twinkle Little Star


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