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Unlike many websites out there today, that claim to offer tens of thousands of products, (but in reality they are just affiliate sites that lack substance), is not a middleman or an affiliate. We are a direct importer, wholesaler and distributor of all the products you see on our site! We supply not only retail customers, but also Brokers, Flea Market Vendors, Auctioneers, Wholesalers, Retailers, Exporters, Distributors, Non-Profit Organizations and Specialty Stores, to name a few. is always on the cutting edge of children's music, offering CD's, Videos, and DVD's that are unique, entertaining and educational. We offer a large hand-picked selection of products focusing on activities, exercise, motor development, creative play, language development, sing-a-long songs, dances, lullabies, and more. Popular children's singers such as Justin Roberts, Judy Pancoast, Brady Rymer, Raffi, Laurie Berkner, Dan Zanes, Ben Rudnick, Fred Penner, Sharon, Lois & Bram, Jack Grunsky, Bob King, Norman Foote, Carole King and a large assortment from today's most popular children's music labels such as Putumayo, Trout fishing in America, Leap Frog, Baby Einstein, Baby Genius, The Bingo Kids, Yoga Child, Jazz Baby, Crazy Crafts and Polka Dot Shorts and more, round out an extensive line of entertainment products you and your children/students are sure to love.

How did it all start?

Back in the mid 1990's when our children were growing up, we quickly realized the lack of customer-friendly kids entertainment stores. Everywhere you looked, the industry was gobbled up by retail giants such as Toys R Us®, Kids R Us®, KB Toys® and several others. While they can sell you just about anything related to kids entertainment, they do not specialize in any one category. Furthermore, these giants are not much more than a cash cow for it's owners, while we, the consumers get mediocre service, at best, having to face underpaid employees and so-called customer service representatives that know nothing about products their store sells. They are simply there to keep the shelves organized, to tell you that an item is on sale, or in many cases to tell you that they are out of stock (of that item that our child really really wanted).

In 1998 we decided to fill the much needed void within the kids entertainment industry by organizing a kids music exchange program in our local community. Our goal was to create a diverse parent network capable of providing recommendation-based music trades. Soon enough the program was picked up by our neighboring communities. Our idea was well received by the public library system and local schools and they joined our efforts to promote it. Unfortunately for us, our kids grew up during the time when e-commerce was gaining ground, and with access to millions of online resources, modern parents did not see a need to continue such networking.

We grew to love kids music so much, that in 1999, we started to build relationships with music labels, developed several online marketplace sites and sold kids music to complement our incomes. Today, with full access to top notch development tools and resources, we are operating live with our proprietary website: Unlike affiliate stores that keep no inventory or "cd-mill" stores that simply showcase manufacturers catalogs and claim to offer 200000 + items, but have knowledge of none, we own all of our inventory, and know all our cds, dvds and toys we sell. Our selection is small, but hand picked. While we wholesale about 5500 different kids titles, the goal for our site is to have about 1000 carefully selected CDs, Videos and DVDs plus select toys and games.

About Our Prices

We carry only kids products and we specialize in what we sell. All of our titles are original label releases. You might find a same title for sale elsewhere for a bit less, but it will probably not be an original label release. What is the difference you might ask? Well, many titles are also produced on so-called "budget" labels, and are usually made in China or elsewhere in a cheap-labor world. Those CDs / DVDs usually contain music / video that is grainy, and at times incomplete because they are recorded using low quality equipment. In efforts not to sacrifice quality for price, we do not carry any budget releases.


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