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Bee Smart Baby Action Words! A Vocabulary Building Video, Complete 3 Volume Set Baby Bumblebee

Bee Smart Baby Action Words! A Vocabulary Building Video, Complete 3 Volume Set (DVD)

Artist: Baby Bumblebee
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Manufacturer: Baby BumbleBee

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This is an Award-winning Bee Smart Baby! Vocabulary Builder™ Series from Baby BumbleBee - Specialists agree that Speech and Language development are the best indicators of intellectual development in infants and toddlers. This ACTION WORDS! Vocabulary Builder Series builds on this premise by helping to boost a child´s speech and language development in a straight-forward, repetitive, and understandable format.

Bee Smart Baby™ Action Words!™ 3 Volume DVD Set

This 3-volume set of the Bee Smart Baby Action Words! Series continues the Vocabulary Builder tradition of teaching by introducing verbs into your child's vocabulary. Each "action word" is clearly acted out in several different ways by children on the videos and the words are also used in small sentences to reinforce their meaning. Soon, your infant or toddler will following along with the children onscreen and having fun while learning.

*Words Featured in Volume 1: Eat, Sleep, Shake, Touch, Sit, Read, Smile, Play, Draw, Crawl, Drink, Jump, Kick, Pet, Walk, Clap, Bounce, Brush, Hug, Tickle

*Words Featured in Volume2: Ride, Give, Push, Open, Cut, Sing, Dress, Cook, Laugh, Twist, Drive, Kiss, Swim, Catch, Carry, Run, Bathe, Clean, Shout, Fold, Stack

*Words Featured in Volume 3: Stretch, Paint, Pull, Skate, Exercise, Lick, Whisper, Chew, Wiggle, Roll, Peel, Fly, Write, Turn, Wave, Smell, Close, Cry, Lift, Bang

Educationally Appropriate for the Following Children:

*Infants and young toddlers ages 6 to 36 months (Early on is the very best time to use the videos with your child to promote brain development and learning)

*Toddlers ages 36 months to 48 months who are late talkers, have limited vocabularies or are not yet speaking in sentences.

*Older Toddlers (over 3 yrs.) and Young Children with speech or developmental delays

*Non-Verbal Kids or with kids with limited speech diagnosed with a variety of developmental disorders including Autism, PDD, CP, Down Syndrome, Complications of Prematurity and other developmental delays.


The Bee Smart Baby series presents a series of simple, effective visuals -- accompanied by instructional techniques to be used by parents - that should make any child's learning and growing environment sharper and more rewarding. Bee Smart Baby: Action Words, Vol. 3 introduces small children to more essential "doing" verbs -- actions and activites -- all set to a light-classical sountrack. By linking the verbs to images and their printed-word appearance, maximum memorization skills can be absorbed by children four months to three years. ~ Michael Hastings, All Movie Guide


Excellent Education tool. My 14 month old loves this DVD. She is always saying and trying to imitate the action represented on this show. She is truly engaged every time I put it on. The only small problem I have is the with the action of "cry" where a few kids and babies cry. It's a bit heartbreaking to watch them. Other than that I am a satisfied customer and plan to purchase more of these Action Words! The DVD goes through many actions like pour, float, bang, fly, lick, chew, cry, wiggle, roll, and whisper

"My husband and I watch the videos with our baby Katie. Katie was 12 months old when she started watching Volume 1 and 15 months old with Volume 2. We all enjoy watching them and are amazed at how quickly Katie's vocabulary is increasing day by day. Katie Seems to interact with these videos a great deal more than with the other early development videos..." Anita from Columbus, OH


A Parenting Magazine Video Magic Award Winner


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