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Arthur And The Big Riddle, It's A No Brainer, Rhyme For Your Life- 3 Great Adventures Arthur And Friends

Arthur And The Big Riddle, It's A No Brainer, Rhyme For Your Life- 3 Great Adventures (DVD)

Artist: Arthur And Friends
Item Id: lvz58506
UPC: 074645850696
Manufacturer: Sony Wonder Video

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Based on Marc Brown's popular children's books, PBS Kids educational television series ARTHUR follows the animated adventures of the loveable aardvark as he works through problems and learns valuable life lessons.

Alex Trebek lends his voice as Alex Lebek - host of the cool new game show, RiddleQuest - in this episode which poses the age-old riddle ... is winning really everything?

IT'S A NO-BRAINER, PBS Kids episode #503
When Brian loses his cool and loses to Buster in the Math-a-thon, he abandons his books and nickname for a career in ... stand-up comedy! Is Brain gone forever?

RHYME FOR YOUR LIFE, PBS Kids episode #608
While struggling to write a poem for his mom, Binky falls asleep and gets trapped in Verseberg ... where it's a crime not to rhyme! After tangling with the big purple orange and meeting poet William Carlos Williams, Binky finally escapes this curse - but will he be able to stop speaking in verse?

Customer Reviews:

I couldn't believe how hard it was to verify whether or not this was part of the popular PBS Arthur series prior to purchase. But it is, and it has your usual standard Arthur fare. 3 episodes are on this DVD and they are: Arthur and the Big Riddle(featuring Alex Trebek as Alex Lebek, a game show host...go figure), It's a no-Brainer(Buster manages to accidentally beat Brain at a math quiz and Brain's loss of confidence leads him to stand-up comedy), and Rhyme for your Life(Binky struggles to write his mom a poem and has a dream that he is trapped in Verseberg where "it's a crime not to rhyme"). Our family loves the Arthur series. Even though the youngest is growing a little more, Arthur will continue to be a favorite in our home as we all enjoy the dynamics that play out between the characters. If your family enjoys Arthur, you will enjoy this DVD as well.


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