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The Magic School Bus - Space Adventures Magic School Bus

The Magic School Bus - Space Adventures (DVD)

Artist: Magic School Bus
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Manufacturer: Scholastic : Warner Bros

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The Magic School Bus
Based on the popular books by Joanna Cole and Bruce Degen, this television series combines fantasy with science education. Via her magical transforming school bus, Ms. Frizzle takes her curious and often doubting class "into" the natural and scientific worlds. Through their many science lessons, Arnold, Ralphie, Wanda, and the rest of the class travel to outer space, under the sea, and even go through Ralphie's digestive system. Lily Tomlin marvelously captures the energy and mystery of Ms. Frizzle as she was characterized in the Magic School Bus books. The Magic School Bus appeals to children of various ages, as the colorful animation and silly antics of Liz and the bus entertain preschoolers, whilst older children enjoy learning how things work from the inside out. ~ Heather M. Fierst, All Movie Guide.

The Magic School Bus Gets Lost in Space (The Solar System)
From the award-winning television series The Magic School Bus comes another animated science adventure tale featuring the wacky and mysterious Ms. Frizzle and her class. The episode The Magic School Bus Gets Lost in Space finds the Friz (voiced by Lily Tomlin) and her students on a planetarium field trip. Before long, the kids are magically soaring out of the earth's atmosphere into space. During the class' visit to the nine planets, viewers are provided information on the special features of each of the heavenly bodies. This episode, as are all the Magic School Bus videos, is based upon the book by Joanna Cole and Bruce Degan. The program is best suited for children ages six to 12. ~ Sally Barber, All Movie Guide.

The Magic School Bus: Taking Flight (Flight)
In this Magic School Bus episode, the class members learn about the basics of aerodynamics after they enter a model airplane contest. The fun really begins when Ms. Frizzle shrinks herself and some of the students so they can actually fly their own model airplane. When the remote control breaks, Ms. Frizzle and her students must quickly figure out how to fly the plane themselves. In an effort to rescue their teacher and airborne classmates, the kids on the ground must turn the magic school bus into a plane so they can fly up and perform a rescue operation. Once a friendly eagle provides some helpful instructions, the enterprising youngsters are on their way. ~ Elizabeth Smith, All Movie Guide.

The Magic School Bus: Out of this World (Space Rocks)
This adventure in the Scholastic Magic School Bus video series features the voice of Lily Tomlin as Ms. Frizzle, "the most unusual and lovable science teacher in the world." As an asteroid hurtles toward Earth, Ms. Frizzle and her multicultural classroom of kids speed to the rescue in the Magic School Bus, learning along the way about gravity and meteors. Based on the popular award-winning children's books by author Joanna Cole and illustrator Bruce Degen, the Magic School Bus series is intended for ages four to eight. ~ Steve Blackburn, All Movie Guide.


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