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My Little Pony - 2 Great Pony Tales: The Glass Princess & The Magic Coins My Little Pony

My Little Pony - 2 Great Pony Tales: The Glass Princess & The Magic Coins (DVD)

Artist: My Little Pony
Item Id: rhi971606
UPC: 603497160624
Manufacturer: Rhino

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The magical world of My Little Pony comes to life once again with MY LITTLE PONY: TWO PONY TALES, a pair of episodes from the show that's been fascinating young girls and lovers of sparkly pastel things since the 1980s. In "The Glass Princess," the evil Glass Princess Porcina kidnaps Lickety-Split, Hearthrob, and Gusty, threatening to use their manes for a special spell-casting cloak. With Megan's help, can the Ponies prevent Porcina from transforming their beloved Ponyland into a world of glass? In "The Magic Coins," the Sea Ponies come across many beautiful treasures made of gold. But when Baby Lickety-Split wishes for there to never be any rain again, the wish comes magically true, causing a horrible drought. When it turns out the coins are actually the property of Niblie, an unhappy troll, the Sea Ponies go about trying to get their wishes reversed.


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