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57 Kids Spooky Sounds With The Hit Crew Drew's Famous

57 Kids Spooky Sounds With The Hit Crew (CD)

Artist: Drew's Famous
Item Id: tutm25952
UPC: 790617259525
Manufacturer: Turn Up the Music

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Creaking doors...howling wolves...ghosts swirling through the walls. Spooky sounds to delight the kids and wrap your party in a Halloween mood. Kids can identify the sounds and create their own stories to go with them!! More funny than truly spooky - this CD is perfect for all ages.

Track Listing

  1. The Crow
  2. Witch's Brew
  3. Stormy Night
  4. UFO
  5. Spooky Night
  6. Alone in the Dark
  7. The Boogie Man
  8. Haunted House
  9. Laughing & Crying
  10. Heartbeat
  11. Ghosts & Goblins
  12. The Bell Tolls
  13. Electrocution
  14. It's After You!
  15. Thunder
  16. Mad Dog
  17. Whispers
  18. Alone?
  19. Is Someone There?
  20. The Wolves Are Coming
  21. Chains Rattling
  22. The Sounds of the Wild
  23. The Haunting
  24. Bewitched Woods
  25. Close the Coffin
  26. Bump in the Night
  27. Creature in the Woods
  28. Howl at the Moon
  29. I See You
  30. House of Terror
  31. Spooky Graveyard
  32. Chills& Goosebumps
  33. Haunted Mansion
  34. Halloween Zoo
  35. Trick or Treat
  36. It's Alive
  37. The Spell
  38. The Beginning of the End
  39. I Scream
  40. Take a Breath
  41. Laugh Out Loud
  42. Foosteps Getting Closer
  43. Flaming Pumpkin
  44. The Black Cat
  45. The Haunted Broomstick
  46. Full Moon
  47. Skeleton Dance
  48. Clock Ticking
  49. Boo!
  50. Bone Appetite
  51. Werewolf Howl
  52. Run!
  53. Terror
  54. Monster Walks
  55. Wicked Ax
  56. Last Breath
  57. Out of Time


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