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Music By Young Mozart  + The Little Book Of Talent Gerald Jae Markoe

Music By Young Mozart + The Little Book Of Talent (CD)

Artist: Gerald Jae Markoe
Item Id: ckp037
UPC: 092877003727
Manufacturer: Creative Kids Production / Astro Music

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This is a "one of a kind recording" of Mozart's music, composed when he was 5-8 years old. A kid-friendly recording played on guitars by The Bremen Town Musicians. Amazingly, these are fully mature compositions and not those of a student or beginner. This incredible music for kids by a kid, inspires children to discover and develop their own talents. The included book "The Little Book Of Talents" tells how to do it.

When kids hear the music composed by Mozart when he was their age, it makes them interested in discovering and developing their own talents. The enclosed book, The Little Book of Talent shows parents how to discover and develop the talent in their child. Finding ones talent and developing it is one of the most important paths to happiness and prosperity in life. The book shows how, and the music inspires kids to want to find their talent.

Track Listing

  1. Piece for piano in F major (K. 33b)
  2. Andante for piano in C major (K. 1a)
  3. London sketchbook piece No. 31: Minuet in A flat major, K. Anh. 109b (K. 15ff)
  4. London sketchbook piece No. 4: Rondeau in D major, K. Anh. 109b (K. 15d)
  5. London sketchbook piece No. 1: Allegro in F major, K. Anh. 109b (K. 15a)
  6. London sketchbook piece No. 11: Contredanse with Minore in A major, K. Anh. 109b (K. 15l)
  7. Minuet for piano in G major, K. 1 (K. 1e)
  8. Work(s): Rondo in G major, K 12
  9. London sketchbook piece No. 33: Rondeau in F major, K Anh. 109b (K.15hh)
  10. Work(s): Andante in E flat major, KV 15g
  11. London sketchbook piece No. 8: Contredanse in F major, K. Anh. 109b (K15h)
  12. London sketchbook piece No. 3: Menuet in G major, K. Anh. 109b (K. 15c)
  13. London sketchbook piece No. 34: Andante in B flat major, K. Anh. 109b (K. 15ii)
  14. Work(s): Andante for piano in C major, K. 6/iii a
  15. Allegro for piano in B flat major, K. 3
  16. Minuet for piano in F major, K. 5
  17. Minuet for piano in F major, K. 2
  18. Allegro for piano in C major (K. 1b)
  19. London sketchbook piece No. 10: Minuet in A minor, K. Anh. 109b (K. 15k)
  20. London sketchbook piece No. 6: Tempo di Menuetto in C major, K. Anh. 109b (K. 15f)
  21. London sketchbook piece No. 17: Andante in G minor, K. Anh. 109b (K. 15r)
  22. Andante for piano in B flat major (fragment), (K. 5b)
  23. London sketchbook piece No. 20: Siciliano in F major, K. Anh. 109b (K. 15u)
  24. London sketchbook piece No. 2: Andantino in C major, K. Anh. 109b (K. 15b)
  25. Work(s): Minuet in B flat major, KV 15


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