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The Probably Untrue Story Of Mary (who) Had A Little Lamb Micah Levy

The Probably Untrue Story Of Mary (who) Had A Little Lamb (CD)

Artist: Micah Levy
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Manufacturer: Sonus Novus LLC

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The Probably Untrue Story of Mary (who) Had A Little Lamb takes as its starting point Mary Josepha Hale's poem "Mary's Lamb". Almost immediately the story and the music veer way off course. The story is fun AND funny! Musically speaking, "Mary" is a set of variations on the familiar children's tune, "Mary Had A Little Lamb". Each variation is used to "illustrate" a point in the plot. Additionally, lamb and listener are introduced to an important Vivaldi work.


iParentign Media Winner AwardiParenting Media HOT Award WinnerDr.Toy Smart Play Smart Toy Product of ExcellenceParents' Choice Recommended

Track Listing

  1. Probably Untrue Story of Mary, The (Who) Had a Little Lamb
  2. Vivaldi: Spring From the Four Seasons, Mvt. 1
  3. Vivaldi: Spring From the Four Seasons, Mvt. 2
  4. Vivaldi: Spring From the Four Seasons, Mvt. 3
  5. Vivaldi Plays a Bar Mitzvah Gig
  6. Mary and Petunia Sing on Broadway
  7. Mary and Petunia on the Trail
  8. Mary and Petunia Go to Church
  9. Probably Untrue... Themes W/O Narration
  10. Theme Harmonized
  11. Mary & Petunia Walking to School
  12. Petunia Sent Home
  13. Snow
  14. Petunia Is Lost
  15. Hunters
  16. Petunia Wags Her Tail
  17. Trudging Through the Snow
  18. Mary & Petunia Go to Sleep
  19. Next Morning, The
  20. Uncle Antonio Plays Music For Listening
  21. Uncle Antonio Plays Music For Dancing
  22. Mary Takes Her First Violin Lesson
  23. Mary Is Sounding Pretty Good on the Violin
  24. Petunia Is Jealous
  25. Petunia Plays the Cello
  26. Mary and Petunia Play a Duet
  27. Mary & Petunia Play Hide & Seek in Snow
  28. Snow Has Melted: Dance For Joy!, The magic Worked
  29. Mary & Petunia Stroll Home, Then Back To School
  30. Teachers' Guide (Printable Pdf) By Barbara F. King


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