Big Machines One (volume 1) By Fred Levine And Little Hardhats
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Fred Levine Big Machines One (volume 1) By Fred Levine And Little Hardhats

Big Machines One (volume 1) By Fred Levine And Little Hardhats DVD by Fred Levine

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Artist: Fred Levine
Label: LittleHardHats
Format: DVD
Category: Videos, Educational, Heavy Equipment
Item: str2364
UPC: 808630236420

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Fred Levine and Little Hard Hats present the first edition of the BIG MACHINES series. Big Machines 1 teaches children about the construction of roads, highways, and houses. Also included is a segment on the inner workings of a farm. The three-part volume features the titles "Road Construction Ahead," "House Construction Ahead," and "Farm Country Ahead".

Kids get a chance to:
LEARN - how roads are made from moving mountains of dirt to lining the asphalt for traffic
DISCOVER - how a house is built from the ground up
SEE - how a farm works and how milk, peanut butter and potato chips are made

  • Road Construction Ahead: Go behind the wheel as we bulldoze, haul dirt, blast rock and finally build roads.
  • House Construction Ahead: Put on your hard hat and come along for rock blasting and harvesting timber, to pouring the foundation of a new house.
  • Farm Country Ahead: Go behind the scenes to see milk, peanut butter, bread and potato chips being made on an exciting trip to farm country in "Farm Country Ahead".


"Top Ten Best all time videos for preschoolers and toddlers" - Parents Magazines Guide To The Best Family Videos


Track Listing:

  1. Road Construction Ahead
  2. House Construction Ahead
  3. Farm Country Ahead


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    Customer Reviews

    Big Value In Big Machines Dvds  
    What A Great Dvd. This Set Contains 3 Full Episodes From Littlehardhats Series. My Son And Daughter Are Hooked Watching Monster Trucks, Construction Equipment At Work, And How Stuff Works. We Almost Paid Double By Looking To Buy Each Series On Individual Dvd, But This One Was Half The Cost, And Convenience Of 3 Series On A Single Dvd. Also Get The Rest Of The Series - Big Machines Volume 2 - Equally Exciting And Entertaining, Not To Mention Educational For Both Boys And Girls. We Give It An A++
    By Constructiondad   Reviewed: 2009-04-15 20:37:33

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