Sesame Workshop: Sesame Street Do The Alphabet Dvd
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Sesame Street Sesame Workshop: Sesame Street Do The Alphabet Dvd

Sesame Workshop: Sesame Street Do The Alphabet Dvd DVD by Sesame Street - In Stock

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Artist: Sesame Street
Label: Sony Wonder Video
Format: DVD
Category: Videos, Educational, Alphabet
Item: lvd49770
UPC: 074644977097, 0738920770

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Get ready to sing, dance and laugh all the way from A to Z! When baby bear has trouble remembering his letters, he goes to the one bird in the world who can help him. BIG BIRD'S amazing learning "method", which features songs, games and special surprises, makes learning the letters as easy as A B C. It's 26 times the fun when you learn the alphabet with Big Bird and friends! this DVD also includes several special features such as : Meet The Cast and Sesame Street Trivia


When Baby Bear must learn his alphabet in one day, Big Bird patiently takes him under his wing in Do the Alphabet. Only "The Method," (a hilarious combination of dance, song, visualization, and group therapy) can help Baby Bear on such short notice. The result is 40 minutes of ABC's Sesame Street style, where vibrant educational cartoons, enthusiastic kids, famous guest stars (here, Billy Joel), and harmonizing Muppets make lasting educational impressions. Children age 2 to 6 will enjoy the upbeat musical numbers dedicated to various letters; a favorite segment features the Boogie Woogie Piggies and their flashy rendition of the alphabet song. Throughout the well-paced show, Big Bird offers just the right blend of coaching and friendship, much like the ace support group leader he's mildly spoofing. Hats off to Sesame Street for helping Baby Bear--and his viewing audience--understand that learning takes time, patience, and a team effort. --Liane Thomas


Track Listing:

  1. Do the Alphabet [5:09]
  2. D (Dee Dee Dee) [3:00]
  3. J Friends [6:41]
  4. Alphabet Song (Sung by Billy Joel) [2:24]
  5. T Dance [3:42]
  6. Boogie Woogie Piggies [1:14]
  7. Alphabet Blues [4:38]
  8. Alphabet Jungle Song [3:03]
  9. End Credits [7:00]


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