Care Bears, The - Big Wish Movie
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Care Bears Care Bears, The - Big Wish Movie

Care Bears, The - Big Wish Movie DVD by Care Bears - In Stock

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Artist: Care Bears
Label: Lions Gate Ent.
Format: DVD
Category: Videos, Animated, Adventure
Item: 17980
UPC: 31398179801

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Wish Bear befriends Twinkers, a fallen wishing star. The well-intentioned Wish Bear makes several wishes to help her friends, but each works out as well as Mickey Mouse.s sorcery did in Fantasia. Wish Bear is saddened when her efforts are not appreciated, so she wishes for more wish-loving bears in Care-A-Lot. Enter Too-Loud Bear, Me Bear, and Messy Bear, who are so busy wishing up things that they forget to take the time to care about others. Can they mend their wishing ways before all the color is drained from Care-A-Lot and all of Twinkers.s power is spent? This computer-animated feature is as subtle as the rainbow sap that flows from the trees of Care-A-Lot, but its message about the perils of wishes comes straight from its big, caring heart.


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