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Erik Berglund Harp Music For Children

Harp Music For Children CD by Erik Berglund - In Stock

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Artist: Erik Berglund
Label: Orreade Music
Format: CD
Category: Music, Popular, Instrumental
Item: orp61282
UPC: orp61282

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Harp Music for Children is a compilation of pieces from five of Erik Berglundís CDs that are both peaceful and soothing. These heart touching melodies, played on the soothing strings of the harp ease us into the world of safety, letting go and deep inner calm. It will be loved by children and adults alike.


Track Listing:

  1. Angel Song
  2. Angel Of Hope
  3. Star Memories
  4. Angel Lullaby
  5. Angel Of Innocence
  6. Heart Reflection
  7. Angel Beauty
  8. Blue Lotus
  9. Spirit Of The Healing Waters
  10. Lotus Reflection


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