Marvelous Day! (mr. Steve From Pbs Kids)
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Stevesongs Marvelous Day! (mr. Steve From Pbs Kids)

Marvelous Day! (mr. Steve From Pbs Kids) CD by Stevesongs - In Stock

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Artist: Stevesongs
Label: Rounder Kids
Format: CD
Category: Music, Popular, Funtime
Item: rdr8142
UPC: 16618142261

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With catchy tunes that will make children want to dance and sing along, SteveSongs Marvelous Day CD is sure to please toddlers and slightly older kids as well.


Track Listing:

  1. Marvelous Day
  2. Elephant Hide And Seek
  3. If You Want To Fly
  4. Fast Monkey
  5. Opposite Day
  6. Spyrtle The Turtle
  7. Bothering A Sleeping Lion, And Why Not To Do It
  8. Veggie Song, The (Go, Go, Go)
  9. We're On Our Way
  10. Ducks Hatching
  11. The Audition
  12. The Joke
  13. She'll Be Coming Round The Mountain When She Comes
  14. Hero
  15. Water Cycle
  16. Jack's Lullaby


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