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Johnny Cash The Johnny Cash Children's Album

The Johnny Cash Children's Album CD by Johnny Cash - In Stock

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Artist: Johnny Cash
Label: Sony/BMG
Format: CD
Category: Music, Popular, Family
Item: sme81328
UPC: 828768132821

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This CD is part of a "Family Artist Series" collection. Issued on CD for the first time in 2006, this 1975 outing finds country legend Johnny Cash offering up a charming set of kid-oriented songs. Many of the tracks sound like other Johnny Cash classics, albeit with the Man in Black singing about dinosaurs (the whimsical "Dinosaur Song") and bears (the jaunty "Tiger Whitehead") rather than heartbreak and prison. This CD is by no means a novelty recording, the disc is actually better than some of Cash's regular albums from the 1970s, making it ideal for his devoted fans, as well as kids and their parents. CD includes 4 previously unreleased tracks. booklet features new liner notes by June Carter Cash


Its tracks recorded across the two-year period of 1971-1973, The Johnny Cash Children's Album would seem to be something of an afterthought, dashed off during downtime at Cash's Hendersonville, TN, home just to keep the singer and his musicians (among them Carl Perkins, then a member of Cash's band, on guitar) busy. But even if Cash was in no hurry to release this collection of novelties and message ballads and his record label paid it little mind (it came out in early 1975 and went more or less unnoticed), it's a fun listen, with a heck of a lot more substance to it than much of the condescending pabulum that's usually passed off as kids' music. Who, after all, could possibly resist the Man in Black, he of the baritone quiver and rebel spirit, indulging in a charming minute and a half of wordplay that does little more than laundry-list a litany of dinosaur facts? And who else but Johnny Cash would think to open such a collection not with a frothy, wholesome singalong but the tale of dirty old "Nasty Dan"? The material ranges from the whimsical (wife June Carter Cash's duet on "I Got a Boy and His Name Is John" is built around one of the couple's typically huffy repartees) to the tearjerker ("Old Shep," the dog ballad that Elvis also cut). Of the 15 first-time-on-CD tracks, four are previously unreleased, but it's a safe bet that most Cash fans never heard the original album the first time around, and while it's hardly an essential component of the Johnny Cash catalog, it's a good-time affair that can be enjoyed, as the cliché goes, by young and old alike. Jeff Tamarkin, All Music Guide


Track Listing:

  1. Nasty Dan
  2. One And One Makes Two
  3. I Got A Boy And His Name Is John - (with June Carter Cash)
  4. Little Magic Glasses
  5. Miss Tara
  6. Dinosaur Song
  7. Tiger Whitehead
  8. There's A Bear
  9. Wooda, The
  10. Call Of The Wild
  11. Little Green Fountain
  12. Old Shep
  13. Timber Man
  14. Grandfather's Clock
  15. Ah Bos Cee Dah
  16. Why Is A Fire Engine Red


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