A Flower Fairy Alphabet
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Various Artists A Flower Fairy Alphabet

A Flower Fairy Alphabet CD - In Stock

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Artist: Various Artists
Label: Music for Little People
Format: CD
Category: Music, Poetry, Storytelling
Item: r273938
UPC: 081227393823

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Nothing seems to tickle the imagination of children more than visions of the fairy world. Almost 100 years ago world-renowned artist and poet, Cicely Mary Barker, created an amazing world of illustrations and poems bringing the Flower FairiesTM to life. Remaining true to her vision, we've designed a beautiful 16 page booklet that includes both the poetry and original illustrations of The Alphabet Flower Fairies.TM This Third release in the Famous Author series features originally arranged Renaissance and Celtic melodies woven togther to create a harmonious symphony. Harps, recorders, penny whistles, and a wide array of acoustic instruments complement the delicate, delightful and whimsical voice of the the "fairies". Close your eyes and be carried off to a magical place where children and adults can frolic through fairyland.


Track Listing:

  1. The Apple Blossom Fairies
  2. The Bugle Fairy
  3. The Columbine Fairy
  4. The Double Daisy Fairy
  5. The Eyebright Fairy
  6. The Fuchsia Fairy
  7. The Gorse Fairies
  8. The Herb Twopence Fairy
  9. The Iris Fairy
  10. The Jasmine Fairy
  11. The Kingcup Fairy
  12. The Lily-of-the-Valley Fairy
  13. The Mallow Fairy
  14. The Nasturtium Fairy
  15. The Orchis Fairy
  16. The Pasny Fairy
  17. The Queen of the Meadow Fairy
  18. The Ragged Robin Fairy
  19. The Strawberry Fairy
  20. The Thrift Fairy
  21. The Vetch Fairy
  22. The Wallflower Fairy
  23. The Yellow Deadnettle Fairy
  24. The Zinnia Fairy


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