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Fred Penner Storytime

Storytime CD by Fred Penner - In Stock

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Artist: Fred Penner
Label: Casablanca Kids
Format: CD
Category: Music, Playtime, Storytelling
Item: 44005
UPC: 801464400524

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Storytime showcases Fred Penner's musical talents as a storyteller. Fred has years of storytelling experience from his illustrative songs and from his long-running, popular TV show. When Fred weaves a musical tale, kids are hooked until the very end.


Track Listing:

  1. The Cat Came Back   Sample Track
  2. Trans Canadian Super Continental Express   Sample Track
  3. John Russell Watkins
  4. Sandwiches   Sample Track
  5. The Old Chisholm Trail
  6. My Grandfather's Clock
  7. The Fox
  8. Jack Was Every Inch A Sailor/The Sailor's Hornpipe
  9. The Story of Blunder
  10. The Cat Came Back (Again)
  11. Stories Live


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