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Bob King Weird & Wacky Songs For Kids

Weird & Wacky Songs For Kids CD by Bob King - In Stock

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Artist: Bob King
Label: Casablanca Kids
Format: CD
Category: Music, Playtime
Item: 44023
UPC: 801464402320

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A pencil that takes its revenge. A teacher that turns into a fish. A giant hot dog that eats Ohio. They are all here in this imaginative collection of wacky and weird songs from children's artist Bob King that will have your children laughing and singing all day long.


Track Listing:

  1. Sandwiches Are Beautiful   Sample Track
  2. The Mad Pencil Song
  3. My Teacher Turned Into A Fish
  4. Revenge of The Rodents
  5. 1-800 Smile   Sample Track
  6. Sittin' Boogie   Sample Track
  7. The Invasion Of The Icycles
  8. Calvin Clown
  9. The Collosal Giant Drink
  10. The Witch of Sand
  11. Pretty Penny
  12. Great Big Muscles
  13. Horace The Clown
  14. The Giant Hot Dog That Ate Ohio
  15. Leon's Plymouth Station Wagon
  16. Good Manners   Sample Track
  17. My Friend Is A Cow


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