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Jack Grunsky World Safari

World Safari CD by Jack Grunsky - In Stock

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Artist: Jack Grunsky
Label: Casablanca Kids
Format: CD
Category: Music, Playtime
Item: 44008
UPC: 801464400821

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Jack Grunsky's world music beat takes children away on a musical safari around the world. His variety of instruments makes kids feel like they have traveled to these colorful, faraway places. Join Jack on a musical safari for kids and their parents!


Track Listing:

  1. Siyanibingelela   Sample Track
  2. Gypsies   Sample Track
  3. Paddle My Canoe
  4. Moose & Caribou
  5. (It's Raining, It's Pouring) Big Thunder, Dark Cloud
  6. Little Samba Girl   Sample Track
  7. My Tree
  8. Mrs. Tuckaway
  9. Up The River
  10. Dream Catcher
  11. Water From The Well
  12. All The Rivers Flow Down


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