A Child's Hanukkah
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Jewish Wedding Bang A Child's Hanukkah

A Child's Hanukkah CD by Jewish Wedding Bang - In Stock

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Artist: Jewish Wedding Bang
Label: Music for Little People
Format: CD
Category: Music, Holiday, Chanukah
Item: r275537
UPC: 81227553722

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Held together by dialogue--a family celebrating the holiday together, with plenty of lessons delivered along the way--this is a great addition to any child's Hanukkah. --Randy Silver


Track Listing:

  1. Hey! It's Hanukkah
  2. Banter Dialogue
  3. Blessing
  4. Banter Dialogue 2
  5. I Have A Dradyl Tune
  6. Variation On A Hanukkah Tune
  7. Hanukkah At Home
  8. Hanukkah Fraylach
  9. Banter Dialogue 3
  10. The Hanukkah Flop
  11. Banter Dialogue 4
  12. The Hanukkah Waltz
  13. Banter Dialogue 5
  14. Hanukkah O Hanukkah
  15. In The Darkest Days
  16. Banter Dialogue 6
  17. Ochos Kandelikas
  18. God Rest Ye, Jerry Mandelbaum
  19. Banter Dialogue 7
  20. We've Got A Lotta Latkes
  21. Dance Of The Leftover Latkes
  22. Sh'Monat Y'May
  23. Banter Dialogue 8
  24. In The Window
  25. Banter Dialogue 9
  26. Low She Lies
  27. Banter Dialogue 10
  28. Hanukkah Rememberd


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