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The Bee's Knees We Share The Earth

We Share The Earth CD by The Bee's Knees - In Stock

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Artist: The Bee's Knees
Label: Children's Group
Format: CD
Category: Music, Family, Sing A Long
Item: tbk844372
UPC: 06847844372

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We Share The Earth is the much-anticipated second album written and produced by talented trio The Bee's Knees. Following the success of their award-winning debut album, What's the Buzz?! , the Bee's Knees continue to deliver engaging tunes that entertain as much as they educate. Sure to be a favorite by children and parents alike!


Track Listing:

  1. We Share The Earth
  2. The Bumble Dance
  3. I Got No Sole On The Bottom Of My Shoe
  4. Brand New Season
  5. Cowgirl Katie
  6. Penguin Shuffle
  7. Tiny Rocket Ship
  8. Mama's Makin' Pancakes
  9. I Can Do It Myself
  10. Five Senses Boogie
  11. My Very First Day Of School
  12. Make Your Own Kind Of Music
  13. Way To Grow
  14. Peace Begins With Me


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