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Daddy A Go Go Cool Songs For Cool Kids

Cool Songs For Cool Kids CD by Daddy A Go Go - In Stock

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Artist: Daddy A Go Go
Label: Boyd's Tone
Format: CD
Category: Music, Family, Funtime
Item: dagg1998
UPC: 634457110427

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Daddy A Go Go - Cool Songs For Cool Kids, is a 15 track CD for the whole family to enjoy. Dedicated to our kids, and kids everywhere, and the cool people who love them.


Track Listing:

  1. A Dog Named Boomer/Scooby Doo, Where Are You?
  2. The Abc Song
  3. Go Speed Racer
  4. Daddy a Go Go Theme Song (Instrumental)
  5. Brush Your Teeth
  6. I Can Swing By Myself
  7. The Name Song
  8. The Thang From Planet Twang (Instrumental)
  9. Daddy's Diaper Blues
  10. Ants in My Pants
  11. Chop Til You Drop (Instrumental)
  12. Adventures in Carpool
  13. I Got My Pf Flyers Workin' (Instrumental)
  14. Dads in the Sky
  15. Glad to Be a Dad (Instrumental)


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