Every Day Is A Birthday
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Brady Rymer Every Day Is A Birthday

Every Day Is A Birthday CD by Brady Rymer - In Stock

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Artist: Brady Rymer
Label: Bumblin' Bee Records
Format: CD
Category: Music, Family, Funtime
Item: bbr8364
UPC: 837101118309

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Brady Rymer's "Every Day Is A Birthday" CD, is sure to entertain big and small alike. Additionally, there are brain-teasing musical activities at the end of the album. Children are encouraged to match snippets of music with the correct songs, giving them a glimpse into how songs are built, and the roles the instruments play


Track Listing:

  1. Rock 'n' Roll Mother Goose
  2. Dilly Dally Daisy
  3. Keep Up With You
  4. Instead of Watching My TV
  5. Every Day Is A Birthday
  6. Full Moon Walk
  7. Little Sacka Sugar
  8. Look In Your Pocket
  9. Mama Hug
  10. Diggin' Up a Dinosaur
  11. Mama Don't Allow
  12. Side by Side
  13. "Happy Birthday" Around the World
  14. Snippets
  15. Karaoke Mother Goose
  16. Karaoke Mama Hug
  17. Karaoke Every Day Is A Birthday


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