Smart & Yummy 2: Good Food Moves (tots - Preschool)
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Abridge Club Entertainment Smart & Yummy 2: Good Food Moves (tots - Preschool)

Smart & Yummy 2: Good Food Moves (tots - Preschool) CD by Abridge Club Entertainment - In Stock

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Artist: Abridge Club Entertainment
Label: Russ Invison Records
Format: CD
Category: Music, Family, Educational
Item: say698731000439
UPC: 698731000439

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Dish up some yummy tunes that emphasize healthy eating habits and active fun. Toss in a serving of fruit, add some veggies, blend in a few things from the kitchen, and you have an eclectic mix of melodies with simple moves that the little ones can handle: reach, jump, swing, twist, shake, wiggle, pat, toss, roll, climb, dig, and more. These musical activities can be modified to engage different ages at different stages.


Track Listing:

  1. Jambo!
  2. Hey, Mango!
  3. Two Carrot Sticks
  4. Jack Climbed the Bean Stalk
  5. Baboon Bananas
  6. Peas Cooking Hot
  7. Stone Soup
  8. Can You Make a Rainbow
  9. Melons Roll
  10. Up in the Orchard
  11. Burrito Banditos
  12. Fuzzy Wuzzy Twist
  13. Old MacDonald Had a Farm
  14. Dem Bones
  15. Miss Mary Mack
  16. There s a Farmer Milking
  17. To Market, To Market
  18. Jell-O Jiggles
  19. Who Stole the Peanuts
  20. Wash Those Germies
  21. Come Along
  22. Hey, Mango! (Spanish)
  23. Two Carrot Sticks (Spanish)
  24. Peas Cooking Hot (Spanish)
  25. Can You Make a Rainbow (Spanish)
  26. Burritos Banditos (Spanish)
  27. There s a Farmer Milking (Spanish)
  28. To Market, To Market (Spanish)
  29. Jell-O Jiggles (Spanish)
  30. Come Along (Spanish)


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