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Diane Rose A Mother's Voice - Children's + Family Folk Music

A Mother's Voice - Children's + Family Folk Music CD by Diane Rose - In Stock

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Artist: Diane Rose
Label: Small Not Stupid Records
Format: CD
Category: Music, Family
Item: dr001
UPC: 783707057002

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Both kids and their parents will love listening to this folk-style album again and again. With beautiful songs and an angelic voice, Diane lovingly shares life lessons with her young listeners


As either an appreciator or a performer, one has the opportunity to learn an enormous amount about the world and about themselves through art. When I was a music teacher, I always tried to teach my students about more than music. Now as a mother, I have become a teacher in my own home, and I often use music to help teach my daughter. With this shift from classroom to playroom, I have emerged a songwriter. My songs are respectful of each child's intelligence and individuality. They are accessible to children while also being complete musical experiences that appeal to adults. My hope is that children and their parents will enjoy and share the songs together and talk about what they hear.


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*Parent-to-Parent - Adding Wisdom Award


Track Listing:

  1. Hello to the World
  2. This Kind of Happiness
  3. Going to the Beach
  4. Rain, Rain
  5. I Love Being Me
  6. Power of Kindness, The
  7. We're Okay
  8. If Only I Were Older
  9. They're Doing Their Best
  10. Take Your Time
  11. Shenandoah
  12. I Want to Scream
  13. This Moment
  14. One Mother's Voice


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