Aerobic Power For Kids Ages 4-10
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Kimbo Educational Aerobic Power For Kids Ages 4-10

Aerobic Power For Kids Ages 4-10 CD by Kimbo Educational - In Stock

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Artist: Kimbo Educational
Label: Kimbo Educational
Format: CD
Category: Music, Exercise
Item: kim9148cd
UPC: 758292914825, 1563460602

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Exercise to the "oldies but goodies" of the 50s and 60s with "Power" and "Power Plus" programs. On this great CD you'll find 2 energizing segments. The "Power" segment (selections 1-6) is an easier aerobic program and is exceptional for younger children, and is a good warm-up for the more advanced or as an introduction of older children to aerobic routines. The "Power Plus" program routines are especially designed to motivate older and more advanced children, giving them a great workout, while younger children can "grow" into the Power Plus activities. Both programs will equally challenge children 4-9 years of age to get fit and have fun. Adults too, will enjoy sharing these upbeat routines! Includes a guide with lyrics and instructions.


I teach kindergarten, and this is the greatest CD to get some movement into our morning. Our favorite track is CONGA, and we like AT THE HOP a lot, too! A couple of the songs could use some variety of movements, I think new ones could be introduced after a verse or two. But I highly recommend this CD for fitness and listening skills. Have fun!


Track Listing:

  1. La Bamba
  2. At the Hop
  3. Conga
  4. Charlie Brown
  5. Move This
  6. We Are Family 7. YMCA
  7. Turn the Beat Around
  8. It's a Beautiful Life
  9. Yakety Yak
  10. The Loco-Motion
  11. Boot Scootin' Boogie


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