Action Songs For Preschoolers - A Treasury Of Fun!
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Georgiana Stewart Action Songs For Preschoolers - A Treasury Of Fun!

Action Songs For Preschoolers - A Treasury Of Fun! CD by Georgiana Stewart - In Stock

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Artist: Georgiana Stewart
Label: Kimbo Educational
Format: CD
Category: Music, Exercise
Item: kim9122cd
UPC: 758292705225

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The perfect solution for rainy day fun, mid-winter blahs, activity time, any time! Here's an exciting collection of action packed songs from Georgiana Stewart's most popular musical play activities. Dances, aerobic activities, bean bag play, fun with shapes and games make this an all-purpose, all-important resource. This treasury of fun-filled learning is a great way to get to know Georgianas recordings and perfect when you need to just take one CD along. It's a complete workout with emphasis on fine and gross motor activities.Perfect for children 2-7 years of age. Guide with lyrics and activities is included


Track Listing:

  1. Warm-Up Time
  2. Bendable Stretchable
  3. Toes Up, Toes Down
  4. Finger Poppin'
  5. Heel, Toe, Away We Go
  6. Movin' Every Day
  7. Doodle-Le-Doo
  8. Statues
  9. Follow The Leader
  10. Pass The Bean Bag
  11. Bean Bag Rock
  12. Shapes In Action
  13. Mexican Hat Dance
  14. Circus Parade


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