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Georgiana Stewart Preschool Aerobic Fun - Fitness Songs And Activities

Preschool Aerobic Fun - Fitness Songs And Activities CD by Georgiana Stewart - In Stock

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Artist: Georgiana Stewart
Label: Kimbo Educational
Format: CD
Category: Music, Exercise
Item: kim7052cd
UPC: 758292705225, 9780937124921

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Youngsters will love this carefully sequenced group of activities that develop aerobic concepts and strength. The song lyrics direct the activities and the catchy musical backgrounds create an atmosphere for singing along. A variety of musical selections without lyrics are included and can be used to complement and extend any exercise period. Preschool Aerobic Fun is designed primarily for preschoolers and kindergartners, meeting their needs and limitations. Join the fun and help your little ones develop a positive attitude toward fitness. Vocals on tracs 1-9, instrumentals on tracks 10-17. Warm-ups, stretches, activities and cool-down. Perfect for children 3-6 years of age. Guide with lyrics and activities is included


Track Listing:

  1. Wake Up, Warm Up
  2. Hot Diggity
  3. Movin' Every Day
  4. Finger Poppin'
  5. B B B Bounce
  6. Chug a Long Choo Choo
  7. Run Run Run in Place
  8. Tiptoe Cool Down
  9. Slow Stretching
  10. Consider Yourself
  11. Marching Along Together
  12. Heigh Hopes
  13. Bunny Hop
  14. Alley Cat
  15. The Farmer in the Dell
  16. When You Wish Upon A Star
  17. Toora-Loora-Loora


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