Wake Up! Good Morning Exercises For Kids
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Georgiana Stewart Wake Up! Good Morning Exercises For Kids

Wake Up! Good Morning Exercises For Kids CD by Georgiana Stewart - In Stock

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Artist: Georgiana Stewart
Label: Kimbo Educational
Format: CD
Category: Music, Exercise, Funtime
Item: kim9098cdkez9098
UPC: 758292909821, 9780937124222

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Morning songs + daily exercises = a Great Way To Start Each Day for kids! Stretching, clapping and touching their toes...kicking, skipping, and even making a wish - children are encouraged to work their bodies while having lots of fun. These exercises can be geared to your youngsters ability and age level. The important ingredient is each child's individual progress toward a healthier and stronger body. the "Wake Up" activities on selections 1 through 8 are structured and paced to provide a continuous activity program. the "Morning Theme" songs and instrumentals on selections 9 through 17 can be adapted to a variety of other activities. These familiar songs give children the opportunity to create their own exercises and movement activities. Perfect for kids ages 3-8


Track Listing:

  1. Carolina In The Morning (Clapping, Stretching)
  2. Red Red Robin (Bending, Stretching)
  3. So Early In The Morning (Knee Bends, Arm Swings, Stamping, Kicking)
  4. I'm Look Over A Four Leaf Clover (Circle Dance)
  5. Jada (Sit-Ups)
  6. Zippity Doo Dah (Jumping)
  7. It's A Great Getttin' Up Morning (Hand Clapping, Arm Reach)
  8. La Mattinata (Breathing, Stretching)
  9. Good Morning (Clapping, Shaking Hands, Saying Hello)
  10. Oh, What A Beautiful Morning (Deep Breathing, Stretching)
  11. The Sun Has Got His Hat On (Pantomime With Hands)
  12. Oh, How I Hate To Get Up In The Morning (Marching)
  13. Carolina In The Morning (Clapping, Arm Sways-Instrumental)
  14. I Got The Sun In The Morning (Skipping)
  15. Red Red Robin (Hopping-Instrumental)
  16. Good Morning Starshine/Let The Sun Shine (Twisting, Kicking)
  17. Morning Glow (Breathing, Stretching)


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