Chicken Fat Song Cd- Go You Chicken Fat, Go!
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Meredith Willson Chicken Fat Song Cd- Go You Chicken Fat, Go!

Chicken Fat Song Cd- Go You Chicken Fat, Go! CD by Meredith Willson - In Stock

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Artist: Meredith Willson
Label: Kimbo Educational
Format: CD
Category: Music, Exercise, Educational
Item: kim209cd
UPC: 758292020922

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Touch your toes and shoo away the chicken fat!, plus Five Minute For Fitness.

This fitness hit to the music of "Consider Yourself" continues to get kids moving.

In the 1960s, the Chicken Fat song was the theme song in school gymnasiums across the nation as part of President John F. Kennedy's youth fitness program. It was time to get the country's youth into shape singing that famous lyric "Touch your toes and shoo away the chicken fat"!

Meredith Willson's song had youngsters moving through basic exercises, and continues to be a favorite in the present fitness world. Push-ups, sit-ups, jumping jacks, torso twists, running in place, deep breathing and more.

Chicken Fat CD includes guide with song lyrics and instructions.

energize children to get out there and shape up!


Track Listing:

  1. Chicken Fat - Vocal (2:32)   Sample Track
  2. Chicken Fat - Instrumental (5:11)
  3. Five Minutes for Fitness - Vocal (5:24)
  4. Five Minutes for Fitness - Instrumental (5:18)


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    Customer Reviews

    Blast From The Past  
    Heard That "chicken Fat" Song From My Elementary School Gym Class On Tv; Had To Find It. This Cd Isn't The Full Version But It Will Do In Bringing Back Some Of Those Old Memories. I Found An Original Record On Ebay. Company Was Great To Deal With.
    By 60's Kid   Reviewed: 2014-11-09 14:42:19

    Heard This Chicken Fat Song On The Iphone Commercial  
    Chicken Fat Is The Song On The New Iphone Tv Commercial Promoting Their New Fitness Apps. I Remember We Had To Exercise To The Chicken Fat Song In Gym Class When I Was A Kid. Hearing It On Tv Brought Back Many Memories. Quality Cd And Quick Shipping! My Kids Love It Almost As Much As I Do!
    By Ny Ranger Fan   Reviewed: 2014-06-10 11:13:00

    I Had Been Looking For This Title Since I Started Substitute Teaching Several Years Ago. I Remember An Elementary Teacher Using This As A Record And Having The Students Warm Up Before Physical Education Classes. They Loved It And Now I Am Able To Let Today's Generation Enjoy The Same While Encouraging Them To Exercise More And Get Physically Fit At The Same Time. Thanks For The Memories Being Able To Be Relived.
    By Bev   Reviewed: 2013-06-13 10:17:23

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