Canciones De Animalitos (songs Of Little Creatures)
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Pam Schiller Canciones De Animalitos (songs Of Little Creatures)

Canciones De Animalitos (songs Of Little Creatures) CD by Pam Schiller

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Artist: Pam Schiller
Label: Scholasic
Format: CD
Category: Music, Educational, Spanish
Item: cd12206
UPC: 856665001124

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Canciones de Animalitos (Songs of Little Creatures)is volume 4 or 4 theme based music CDs. 18 catchy tracks about bugs, insects and animals will be well liked in a home or school settings.


Track Listing:

  1. Un elefante/One Elephant
  2. Mi linda abejita/Baby Bumblebee
  3. La cancion de los insectos/The Insect Song
  4. La arana chiquitita/Itsy Bitsy Spider
  5. Cinco patitos/Five Little Ducks
  6. Nadie me quiere/Nobody Likes Me
  7. Diez monitos/Ten Little Monkeys
  8. Mi zancudito/My Pet Mosquito
  9. Tres tortugas tramposas/Three Tricky Turtles
  10. Cinco mariguitas/Five Little Ladybugs
  11. Aqui en mi jardin/All Around My Yard
  12. Caballito/Horsie
  13. La feria de los animales/Animal Fair
  14. Las mascotas de Emilia/Amelia's Pets
  15. El oso subio a la montana/The Bear Went Over the Mountain
  16. El cocaburra/Kookaburra
  17. Los ratones bailarines/Three White Mice
  18. El senor Don Gato/El Senor Don Gato


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