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Jessica Harper 40 Winks Bedtime Music

40 Winks Bedtime Music CD by Jessica Harper - In Stock

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Artist: Jessica Harper
Label: Alacazam
Format: CD
Category: Music, Bedtime, Lullabies
Item: ala2008
UPC: 021661200820

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Television actress Jessica Harper turned her talents towards children's books and music; her recordings for children have won many awards, including Parents' Choice Gold Awards and NAPPA Awards from the National Association of Parenting Publications. 40 Winks is her fourth album and, like her other titles, contains tuneful weaving of traditionals, gospel, soft jazz and folk stylings.


*Parents' Choice Gold Award


Track Listing:

  1. Calling All Children
  2. 40 Winks
  3. Slow Down Lizzie
  4. Dream Song
  5. In This Room
  6. Ten Sleepy Sheep
  7. Someone Like Me
  8. This Starry Night
  9. Farmer's Son, The
  10. Visiting Cinderella
  11. Tinker, A Tailor, A
  12. Red Balloon
  13. Great Big Dog


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