Rockabye Baby! Lullaby Renditions Of The Ramones
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Rockabye Baby Rockabye Baby! Lullaby Renditions Of The Ramones

Rockabye Baby! Lullaby Renditions Of The Ramones CD by Rockabye Baby - In Stock

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Artist: Rockabye Baby
Label: Baby Rock Records
Format: CD
Category: Music, Bedtime, Lullabies
Item: 9821
UPC: 027297962224

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Rockabye Baby! transforms timeless rock songs into beautiful instrumental lullabies. The soothing sounds of the glockenspiel, vibraphone, melltoron and other instruments will lull your baby into a sweet slumber. Each release in the Rockabye Baby! series takes the best-known songs of a particular artist and places them in a lullaby processor that involves chimes, bells, and vibraphones -- renditions that are slightly more involved than the music that comes out of the average baby mobile. Whether the original versions are heavy and aggressive or light and subdued, these lullaby versions are uniformly appropriate for their purpose. And, in some cases, they even happen to tease out an unlikely amount of melodicism not apparent in the originals.

Hey daddy-os. Hey mommy-os too. Does your child need to be sedated? Should mamaís boy or girl be too busy howling at the moon, let them pulsate to this backbeat. The Ramones sang about brats, babysitters, and believing in miracles. Is there any doubt the band didnít want to grow up? If you want a happy family, this album will provide pleasant dreams.


As many people know, there's a whole series of these, including lullabye versions of Led Zeppelin The Cure, The Eagles, Bob Marley, Pink Floyd, The Beatles, U2, etc. And I think these CDs are esepcially cool for those of us who have children because, obviously, we want to expose our kids to all kinds of music. These lullaby variations are like MAGNETS for young ears, PLUS they're enjoyable for us adults who have loved these songs for many years. I mean, instrumental lullabye versions of Led Zeppelin classics...?! How can you NOT love that?! ;)


Track Listing:

  1. Rock 'N' Roll High School   Sample Track
  2. I Wanna Be Sedated   Sample Track
  3. Blitzkrieg Bop   Sample Track
  4. I Just Wanna Have Something to Do   Sample Track
  5. I Wanna Live   Sample Track
  6. Pinhead   Sample Track
  7. Teenage Lobotomy   Sample Track
  8. Sheena Is a Punk Rocker   Sample Track
  9. Beat on the Brat   Sample Track
  10. Judy Is a Punk   Sample Track
  11. Do You Remember Rock 'N' Roll Radio?   Sample Track
  12. We're a Happy Family   Sample Track


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