Jack's Big Music Show - Nick Jr. Season One (1)
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Noggin Tv Jack's Big Music Show - Nick Jr. Season One (1)

Jack's Big Music Show - Nick Jr. Season One (1) CD by Noggin Tv - In Stock

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Artist: Noggin Tv
Label: Nickelodeon
Format: CD
Category: Music, Adventure, Television
Item: nck89042
UPC: 828768904220

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Jack is just a music loving kid who takes a break from his busy schedule every day to do what he loves bestómake music, sing, dance, and have fun!This CD is a compilation of some of the great songs from Season 1 of Noggin's hit show, Jack's Big Music Show. Includes the Laurie Berkner Band featuring Brian Mueller and Susan Lampert, Milkshake, The Dirty Sock Funtime Band, Sweet Honey In The Rock, David Weinstone/Music For Aardvarks and other Mammals, plus more!


The soundtrack to Jack's Big Music Show culls some of the highlights from the smart and fun kids' show. The show doesn't talk down to its viewers and opens them up to a wide range of sounds both through the music Jack (guitar/vocals), his best friend Mary (accordion/drums), and his dog Mel (drums) play on the show and the music provided by first-rate children's music performers like Laurie Berkner, the Dirty Sock Funtime Band, and Milkshake. There are also guest performances by big-name "adult" artists like Sweet Honey in the Rock and Yolanda Adams. All of the above contribute fine songs to the collection, especially Berkner's "I'm Gonna Catch You," Milkshake's power poppy "Bottle of Sunshine," and the Dirty Sock Funtime Band's "Music Everywhere." This disc is simple and catchy enough to keep youngsters involved but energetic and smart enough to keep parents from losing their minds as the disc is played repeatedly. Tim Sendra, All Music Guide


Track Listing:

  1. Jack's Big Music Show (Theme Song) 1:07
  2. Grumpy / Music For Aardvarks & Other Animals 1:33
  3. Under a Shady Tree / Laurie Berkner Band 2:07
  4. Music Is the Best 2:36
  5. Number 1 / Hot Peas 'N Butter 2:58
  6. I'm Gonna Catch You / Laurie Berkner Band 3:07
  7. Me Dance / Yolanda Adams 1:54
  8. Bugs Are Really Swell 2:07
  9. I Like It That Way / Sweet Honey in the Rock 2:10
  10. Music Everywhere / The Dirty Sock Funtime Band 2:50
  11. I'm Not Perfect / Laurie Berkner Band 1:55
  12. Space Explorers 2:02
  13. B3 / Rebecca Frezza 2:31
  14. Bottle of Sunshine / Milkshake 3:04
  15. Jack's Big Theme Music Show /Close End Theme 1:15


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