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Steve Roslonek of SteveSongs has been writing and performing his award-winning music for kids and families for the past ten years. Steve blends participatory songs, clever stories and great melodies to create what the Boston Globe called "not just a musical journey but an entertaining, interactive and educational one." He has delighted audiences throughout New England and across the country, including at prestigious venues like Symphony Space in New York City and the Kennedy Center in Washington, D.C. Anyone who's attended a SteveSongs concert appreciates Steve's ability to connect with his audience - from the exuberant children flocking towards the stage, to the moms bouncing babies with the beat, to the parents and grandparents singing and grooving along. It's no wonder he's been called a modern day Pied Piper!

Steve wrote his first children's song for a Boston area day care back in 1997. Inspiration for new songs came so fast and the feedback from audiences was so positive that he decided to record his first album, Morning 'Til Night, in 1999. That same year Steve left his job as a business consultant with Andersen Consulting to pursue this adventure full time. Eight years and 4 albums later, Steve has performed at over 2000 shows across the country. He's won numerous prestigious awards, including 2 Parents' Choice Gold Awards, a Nappa Honor, iParenting Media Award, and a Children's Music Web Award. His current and critically acclaimed CD is Marvelous Day (2006). Combining his two passions, music and kids, has yielded what Steve calls "the coolest job ever."

Steve's signature songs are educational and entertaining, silly, but always seriously good music. According to Steve, "The experiment from the beginning was making music that both kids and parents would enjoy, so that it could really be a full family experience." Steve's band rocks, with accomplished musicians including Anand Nayak on guitars and mandolin; Scott Kessel on Drums; Matt Steckler on clarinet, flute, and sax; David "Stack" Stackhouse on vocal percussion and bass; and the ever popular Sensational Sillies, Steve's talented young backup singers.

The much anticipated SteveSongs DVD, with original music videos and live concert footage, is due for release in early 2008.


  • Parents Choice GOLD Award Winner
  • CMW Best Audio Award
  • NAPPA Honor
  • iParenting Media Award
  • Children's Music Web Best Audio For Younger Kids Award
  • Current Releases

  • Little Superman
  • Marvelous Day!
  • Morning til Night
  • On a Flying Guitar
  • The King, The Mice & The Cheese
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